Durga Reiki :- Fastest Healing Therapy In The World

Are you seeking a profound healing modality that transcends boundaries, offering holistic wellness for mind, body, and spirit? Look no further. Durga Reiki, founded by the esteemed Guruji Manish Sharma, is your gateway to the world’s most potent and fastest energy healing system.

Who Founded Durga Reiki

Durga Reiki Is Founded By  Guruji Manish Sharma From Second Sight Foundation., India.   He Is A Spiritual Scientist And Multimodality Healer.Durga Reiki Is Founded By  Guruji Manish Sharma From Second Sight Foundation., India.   He Is A Spiritual Scientist And Multimodality Healer.

After Dedicating Many Days In Meditation And Prayers, One Day While Meditating, Guruji Manish Sharma Got Connectivity With Goddess Durga And This Lead Him In Discovery Of The Powerful Healing System Which Is  Known As Durga Reiki, Through Maa Durga’s Intercession He Received Many Powerful Symbols Which Are Used In Healing And Cleansing.

Benifits Of Learning Durga Reiki

Who Can Practice Durga Reiki

Anyone Who Is Willing To Learn Durga Reiki Dedicately Can Practice Durga Reiki, No Formal Qualification Required. . Unlike Any Other Modality One Can Start Healing From Day 1 Itself After The Attunement.

How Many Levels Are There In Durga Reiki?

Durga Reiki Is Divided Into 4 Levels

What You Will Learn In Level 1 Or Basic Level

Benefits Of Level 1 Or Basic Healer Level

What We Provide in Level 2 Or Gold Healer Level

Types Of Healing Symbols And Its Uses In Detail

Benefits Of Level 2- Gold Healer Level

What You Will Learn In Level 3 Or Master Healer Level

Types Of Master Symbols And Its Uses

Benefits Of Master Healer Level

What We Provide In Level 4 Or Mahaguru Level

Symbols Are Divided Into Healing Symbols And Attunement Symbols

Types Of Healing Symbols And Its Uses

Types Of Attunement Symbols

Benefits Of Learning Mahaguru Level


What they said about us

Rajesh Puri
Rajesh Puri
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I never imagined healing could be so swift and profound until I experienced Durga Reiki. Within days of starting the practice, I felt a remarkable shift in my energy levels and overall well-being. It's truly the fastest healing therapy I've ever encountered
Rameshwar Soni
Rameshwar Soni
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Durga Reiki has been a game-changer for me. As someone who struggled with chronic health issues for years, I was amazed at how quickly I started to see improvements after just a few sessions. The healing power of Durga Reiki is unparalleled.
Hiral Joshi
Hiral Joshi@username
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Before discovering Durga Reiki, I was stuck in a cycle of stress and anxiety that seemed impossible to break. But after just a few sessions, I noticed a remarkable difference in my mental and emotional well-being. Durga Reiki has given me the tools to navigate life's challenges with grace and resilience. It truly is the fastest and most effective healing therapy out there
Deepti Agarwal
Deepti Agarwal
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After experiencing Durga Reiki, I can confidently say it's unlike anything I've ever tried. Not only did it help me overcome my physical ailments, but it also brought a sense of peace and balance to my life that I never thought possible. Thank you, Durga Reiki, for the fastest healing therapy in the world!
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