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"Explore our foundation's diverse array of courses spanning the occult and spiritual realms. From ancient wisdom to modern practices, we offer transformative experiences tailored to your journey. Dive into holistic growth and spiritual enlightenment with expert guidance and innovative techniques."

Third Eye Activation

Explore ancient wisdom and modern practices to awaken your intuitive powers. Discover a comprehensive solution to all your problems. Our course integrates 10+ courses

Free Darbar Healing

At Darbar, receive free healing for finance, health, and all other problems through the divine power of Advaita Lingam Dham. Visit us and experience transformative divine

Durga Reiki

Durga Reiki stands out as the swiftest and most potent healing therapy, ensuring that no karma ever bounces back. With its arsenal of powerful symbols, it offers solutions for all problems. 

Manas Kriya

Unlock Your Potential with Manas Kriya, a profound meditation practice created by Guruji Manish Sharma. Embark on a journey Of personal growth with Manas Kriya Meditation today.


Unlock your healing potential with our Reiki course. Our  course is suitable for anyone interested in energy healing, personal growth, and holistic wellness. become a certified Reiki practitioner, 


Delve into the principles of magnetic energy, learn practical techniques for harnessing its power, and discover how to apply it to various aspects of your life. we’re here to support you 

Chakra Healing

“Discover the power of chakra healing in our transformative course. Learn to balance your energy centers for holistic well-being. Join us to awaken vitality and harmony within.”


“Dive into the ancient wisdom of numerology in our transformative course. Explore the mystical significance of numbers and unlock insights into your life’s path and purpose. 

Angel Therapy

“Angel Therapy involves working with Guardian Angels and Archangels for spiritual healing. Through personal attunement, individuals can connect with angels for guidance and renewal. 

Kids Learning workshop

“Empower your child’s growth and creativity in our dynamic Kids Learning Workshop. Engaging activities and interactive lessons foster curiosity and skill development. 

Hypnosis Workshop

“Unlock the power of the mind in our transformative Hypnosis Course. Learn effective techniques to induce relaxation, promote positive change, and tap into subconscious potential. 

Tarot reading

“Discover the mystical world of Tarot in our enlightening course. Learn to interpret Tarot cards and unlock profound insights into life’s mysteries.Join us to awaken your intuition

Past Life regression

“Explore the mysteries of past lives. Dive deep into regression therapy to uncover hidden insights and heal old wounds. unlock the secrets of your soul’s journey through time.”

Mid Brain Activation

“Awaken your child’s hidden talents with our Midbrain Activation Course, including innovative blindfold techniques. Enhance cognitive abilities and unlock the power of intuition

Aura Reading

“Tap into the energy field surrounding every being in our Aura Reading Course. Learn to interpret auras and uncover deeper insights into emotions and personality traits

Kundalini Activation

“Awaken your inner energy with our Kundalini Activation Course. Experience powerful techniques to unlock spiritual potential and achieve higher consciousness. Join Now

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