Transform Your Life, Heal Your Soul, and Find Liberation from All Troubles"

"At our foundation, we approach all facets of the occult with a scientific lens, illuminating the mysteries of concepts like the third eye, blindfold training, and accessing the Akashic Records through evidence-based exploration. Delve into the fascinating world of magnetism, where we uncover the scientific principles behind manifestation, demonstrating how our thoughts and emotions influence our reality. Journey into the depths of the mind with past life regression therapy, understanding its neurological basis and how it can unlock profound healing. Explore the ancient art of Reiki through a modern perspective, delving into the science of energy healing and its effects on the body's subtle energy systems. From quantum healing techniques to the mathematical elegance of sacred geometry, we unveil the scientific foundations that underpin these esoteric practices, offering a bridge between ancient wisdom and contemporary understanding."


Dr. Manish Sharma is a highly accomplished individual with a wealth of expertise in various holistic healing modalities. With over 15 years of experience in the field, he has become a respected figure as a Reiki Grandmaster and Multimodality Healer. His extensive skill set includes proficiency in practices such as Sanjeevani, Kundalini, Master Hypnosis, Master Past Life Healing, Expert Midbrain Activation, and Master Third Eye Activation. In addition to these spiritual and energetic healing techniques, Dr. Sharma is also well-versed in physical therapies and wellness practices. He holds mastery in Yoga and Massage, Naturopathy, Bach Flower Remedies, Reiki Therapy, Acupressure, Acupuncture, Magneto Therapy, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, and Hypnotherapy. His credentials also include an MD in Alternative Medicine, reflecting his commitment to deepening his understanding of healing methodologies. Throughout his career, Dr. Sharma has dedicated himself to helping others achieve balance, wellness, and spiritual growth through his comprehensive approach to healing.

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Third Eye Activation

Explore ancient wisdom and modern practices to awaken your intuitive powers. Discover a comprehensive solution to all your problems. Our course integrates 10+ courses

Free Darbar Healing

At Darbar, receive free healing for finance, health, and all other problems through the divine power of Advaita Lingam Dham. Visit us and experience transformative divine

Durga Reiki

Durga Reiki stands out as the swiftest and most potent healing therapy, ensuring that no karma ever bounces back. With its arsenal of powerful symbols, it offers solutions for all problems. 

Manas Kriya

Unlock Your Potential with Manas Kriya, a profound meditation practice created by Guruji Manish Sharma. Embark on a journey Of personal growth with Manas Kriya Meditation today.


Meet Our Team Members

  • Homoeopathic Physician
  • Master In Magnetism
  • Durga Reiki Mahaguru
  • Durga Reiki Mahaguru
  • Homoeopathic Physician
  • Counsellor
  • Money Attraction Coach
  • Midbrain Coach
  • Financial Planner
Deepika Singh
  • Past Life Regression Master
  • Yoga & Fitness Coach
  • Weight Loss Coach


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Ankesh Kedari
Ankesh KedariHealer
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My life got changed because of Guruji. All the ssf team members are really cooperative and gives feelings of family. I'm grateful to Guruji because I got connected for life time. My aura got healed. His attunement changed my life altogether. Guruji is incomparable. I have never seen before such kind of down to earth and kind guruji. Who always thinks about the benefit of the members. If you want to grow and enlightened in the life, Second sight foundation is the only door to get into.
Nutan Tiwari
Nutan TiwariDoctor
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Spiritual experiences are personal, they cannot be explained in your own words, because of them the thought process of your mind changes, when the thought process changes, it changes to action and when action changes to result, change is unbelievably constant. Third eye activation or money manifestation happens very fast and I am balancing the Vastu of my house without any hesitation. thanks to you Guru Bhagwan For Everything Namah Shivay
Savitri Shah
Savitri Shahthird Eyein
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Thank you guruji for your Devine guidance, teachings and energies. I have experienced Durga Rakhi energy healing,quantum shabhavi healing and magnetism .aura reading experienced lot of Devine energies. Retreats are excellent kundalini energies raising to crown is unexplainable. We have to experience it is only solution .you holded us as your children. Your presence is everything for me with lots of gratitude guruji. Highly recommended for those seeking personal growth and mental clarity.
Jayesh Mahobia
Jayesh MahobiaJayesh
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I cannot express enough gratitude for the profound transformation I've experienced since joining. Third eye activation has been nothing short of awe-inspiring. I feel a sense of peace and belonging. Guruji is not only knowledgeable but also deeply compassionate. He will guide you through each step with patience and understanding, The techniques third eye activation are powerful yet gentle, and I've noticed significant shifts in my perception and awareness.
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