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“Past Life Regression Workshop”

What is Past Life Healing?

Past life healing is a transformative journey into the recesses of the soul, where the echoes of past lives resonate in the present.Rooted in ancient spiritual traditions and modern therapeutic techniques, past life healing invites us to explore the interconnected tapestry of our soul’s journey across lifetimes.

It is a holistic approach to healing that transcends the boundaries of time and space, offering profound insights, healing, and self-discovery.

Embarking on a journey of past life healing is similar to entering a hidden realm of consciousness. With the help of skilled therapists, and healers, or through self-guided exploration, individuals can delve into the deep recesses of their subconscious minds to discover memories, experiences, and emotions from their past lives. Techniques such as hypnosis, guided imagery, or regression therapy can reveal the rich tapestry of our soul’s evolution by lifting the veils of forgetfulness.

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Meet Your Mentor

Dr. Praachi J Dixit, inquisitive and open-minded individual, has embarked on a transformative past life regression journey. Seeking deeper understanding, healing, and spiritual growth, Kiran explores the echoes of their soul’s past experiences. Guided into a state of deep relaxation, Kiran navigates vivid memories of past lives, uncovering emotional and sensory details that reveal patterns and connections influencing their current life. This journey of healing allows Kiran to release emotional blockages and unresolved traumas, fostering inner peace and empowerment.

Through this session, Kiran gains profound insights into their soul’s journey and spiritual purpose, recognizing karmic connections with current life relationships. The experience leaves Kiran feeling lighter and more connected to their true self, equipped with a greater understanding of life’s challenges and blessings. Kiran Tripthi’s past life regression session highlights the transformative power of exploring our soul’s history, unlocking the potential for deep healing and self-discovery. Inspired by Kiran’s experience? Embark on your own past life regression journey and uncover the mysteries of your past to transform your present.

What our Students Have To Say About This Workshop


Aditi Gupta
Aditi Gupta
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"I was skeptical at first, but the past life regression session was truly eye-opening. I felt like I was transported back in time, experiencing memories and emotions that were both foreign and familiar. This session has given me a deeper understanding of myself and my life's journey."
Acharya Dr. Nagesh
Acharya Dr. Nagesh
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"The past life regression session was both healing and insightful. I felt a sense of peace and understanding that I've been searching for. It's amazing how much you can learn about yourself through this process. Thank you for this incredible experience!"
Hiral Joshi
Hiral Joshi
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"The past life regression session was a powerful tool for understanding my current life circumstances. It provided a new layer of insight that traditional methods couldn't. I'm grateful for the opportunity to explore my past lives in such a safe and supportive environment. Thank You So Much Kiran Mam"
Vinayak P Bagale
Vinayak P Bagale
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"I always struggled with manifesting my desires, but this workshop changed everything. The third eye activation has made me more focused and aligned with my goals. I’ve attracted more success and abundance into my life than I ever thought possible."


PLR is a therapeutic technique that involves accessing and re-experiencing one’s past lives to gain insights and address present challenges.

It is often used by individuals dealing with challenges in relationships, health, career, and personal development.

Yes, the workshop is live.

Absolutely! You can ask questions and clear doubts during the Q&A sessions that follow the workshop

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