tarot master class

Tarot Cards

Tarot cards is a divine tool which helps to get insight into past, present and future. This is done by formulating a question by the seeker and interpretation of cads by the reader. Join our special Tarot Master Class to learn a to z about this deviation.

What you will learn

By taking this course you will learn to read cards like a professional tarot reader. You can earn an additional income by working part time or a full time. Several people earn about more than 1 lakh per month by this fortune telling tool.

Course Content

  • Introduction to Tarot
  • History of Tarot Cards
  • Why Tarot Cards
  • Different types of Tarot Decks
  • Major symbols in Tarot System
  • Division of Tarot Cards
  • Structure of Cards
  • Major Arcana (The Fool's Journey)
  • The Fool's Card
  • The Magician Card
  • The High Priestess Card
  • The Empress Card
  • The Emperor Card
  • The Hierophant Card
  • The Lovers Card
  • The Chariot Card
  • The Strength Card
  • The Hermit Card
  • The Wheel of Fortune Card
  • The Justice Card
  • Hanged Man Card
  • Death Card
  • Temperance Card
  • The Devil Card
  • The Tower Card
  • The Star Card
  • The Moon Card
  • The Sun Card
  • The Judgement Card
  • The World Card
  • Suits of Pentacle or Coins
  • Suits of Wands
  • Suits of Swords
  • Suits of Cups
  • Court Cards
  • Different Spreads
  • Remedies

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Feel free to contact us for any query regarding the course. You can also contact us for reading sessions.