Basic Tarot Course

In Basic course you will learn following:

What are Tarot Cards?

History Of Tarot Cards.

Why tarot cards?

Different Types of Decks.

Major symbols and elements in Tarot cards.

Advance Tarot Course

In This course you will learn:

All 22 Major arcana cards

Suits of Pentacles

Suits of Wands

Suits of Swords

Suits of Cups

Court Cards

Different types of spreads


Teacher Level and Spells

In this course you will learn:

How to setup your own institute.

How to teach tarot

Different Rituals and Spells

How to read different decks

All about tarot cards



About Trainer

Master Viivekk Goel is a renowned tarot trainer and reader known for his unique style of teaching. He is a master of many deviations like healing, reiki, quantum healing, shalvik healing, gotia and lots more and serving the mankind with his divine knowledge and deeds since 20 years.

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