Concerned about your Child’s future? 👩‍🎓👨‍🎓
Want to minimize distractions 📺🤳😴and keep improving their scores📈💯?

Hi Parents!!

Leave all your worries

For the first time, Second Sight Foundation presents Online workshop for kids to learn and perform better.
For a BETTER STUDENT LIFE and to make a GENIUS out of them🧠


For improving concentration level, focus
Improved capacity for learning/ memory of your CHILD
To learn techniques to handle lengthy syllabus within time ⌚
Handle TV📺/ Mobile📱🤳 Addiction and to remove “EXAM-FEAR* effectively

Our workshop Includes

  1.  Student NLP
    -Mastery memory (10X faster⚡ results)
    -Learn different vocabulary with confidence🗣️
    -Learn the Uses of an Element (Vit A)
    -Memorize long map with TEXT – ex Nitrogen Cycle
    -Memory exercise- Pegging
    -Creating powerful self image
    -To build self-confidence

• Mid-Brain Activation-
– improve memory
-concentration power 💪⚡
-Relaxation technique for handling💆‍♀️💆‍♂️student stress

Psychic power
-Blind fold
-Mind reading

Your Child Can see blindfolded (Recognize Number, Shapes, Colors, Read Book) – आपका बच्चा आँख पर पट्टी बांधकर पढ़ सकता है, नंबर, रंग, आकृति पहचान सकता है.

Improved Memory and Concentration (बच्चे की एकाग्रता और मेमोरी में जबरदस्त बढ़ोतरी)

Improved Confidence (आत्म विश्वास में वृद्धि) – Balance of Right and Left Brain (दायें-बाएं दिमाग का संतुलन) – Improved Creativity (सृजनात्मकता में वृद्धि) – Better Self Control (गुस्सा जिद्दीपन पर कण्ट्रोल) – Improved IQ, Grasping Power, Analytical Power

We work on qualities of children including Leadership Skills, Brain Power, and Creativity. हम आपके बच्चे के गुणों पर काम करते हैं, बच्चा ज्यादा जिम्मेवार, सहनशील, आज्ञाकारी बन जाता है. Mind Power के द्वारा बच्चे के सभी गुणों में निखार आ जाता है.

-Vedic mathematics✌️🤞 for fast 🚴三 Calculations

-preparing yourself for best score – subject wise analysis

Quantum Speed Reading

QSR – Helps to Improve 300% Learning Capacity

Parenting - Bonus Workshop

Parenting – bonus workshop
-help child to give sense of security👨‍👩‍👦‍👦
-help to handle EXAM FEAR🤯🤒


DATE : 24-2-2023 to 2-3-2023

Venue -: online [zoom]

Time:- 7:30 pm To 9:30 pm

Total 7 days course
(3 months weekly Saturday  Mid-brain follow up class)
which includes 7 classes (duration of each class approximately 2 hours)


Total Course Fee 51000

Discounted Fee 11000

Jatin Sharma
Axis Bank
Jail Road Harinagar DELHI
Account- 916010071757958
IFSC code: UTIB0003046
Paytm  ,google pay, phone pay  :9716517463


Then what are you waiting for – just grab⏳ this running⌛ opportunity and enroll your child for their better👍and BRIGHT future💪👏
A child is the pillar of society and to serve mankind better, let’s build a strong future of the country through our Children👧👦🎯♟️

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Dr. Razia 9552435902

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